1. The information in the Customer Profile on mareqs.com (hereinafter – «Mareqs» or the "Site") may be removed by the administration of the Site without notice if you post:

1.1. Information on goods and services prohibited for dissemination by the applicable law, including, but not limited to information on sale / distribution of:

1.1.1. firearms;

1.1.2. narcotic drugs.

1.2. Illegally obtained proprietary and confidential information.

1.3. Information that violates the third-party copyrights, the patent law, trade secret, also copies of the sites or separate pages, images and texts posted on the Internet, if copying is prohibited by the original owners.

1.4. Informational texts using letter spacing (spelling with spaces between l e t t e r s), using the words in UPPERCASE letters. Abbreviations are exceptions.

1.5. Information not related to the topic of the Site, including, but not limited to:

1.5.1. private photo albums;

1.5.2. football fan-clubs;

1.5.3. music fan-clubs;

1.5.4. news sites;

1.5.5. communication sites;

1.5.6. online gaming sites.

1.6. Information on other users (legal and physical persons-entrepreneurs) who is already represented on the site.

1.7. Information associated with the spread of any kind of pornography, information on sexual services or other similar information of a sexual nature.

1.8. Spam, malware designed to disrupt the normal functioning or destruct other programs, serial numbers for commercial software products and programs for their generation, the means to gain unauthorized access to paid resources on the Internet, as well as links to the related information.

1.9. Information on programs which compensate users for clicking on ads, proposals for searching, surfing websites or reading emails, information on earnings on the Internet.

1.10. Information associated with the promotion of violence, hatred, race hatred, slander or insult to third parties or organizations.

1.11. Information that is untrue.

1.12. Do not use spamming linked to the Site.

2. Companies that are not published in the catalog and not displayed when searching on the Site:

2.1. With a name that consists of a meaningless set of symbols or a set of keywords or contains links to other sites, provided that the name does not match the full name of the company in accordance with the constituent documents.

2.2. With texts using words in UPPERCASE letters (except for abbreviations) or with texts that use l e t t e r spacing.

2.3. With telephone number on which it is impossible to contact this user.

2.4. Engaged in network marketing or direct sales.

2.5. Engaged in realization or distribution of network companies’ products.

2.6. Engaged in realization of biologically active supplements.

2.7. With plenty of grammar, punctuation or syntax and semantic errors in the description.

2.8. With description based on the transliteration.