On September 4, 2023, representatives of the Mareqs Design company met with the government of the Kaliningrad Region, the management of the Yantar Plant and KSTU, dedicated to the construction of a medium-haul automobile and passenger, environmentally friendly ferry on the 19411 electric boat, intended for trial operation on the section of the Baltiysk–Baltiyskaya Spit ferry line. The Mareqs Design team was directly involved in the design of this vessel. This is a technical project and working documentation on the mechanical part of the vessel. The Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Andreevich Alikhanov and Ilya Sergeevich Samarin, General Director of the Yantar Plant, initiated the resumption of construction of the 19411 Ave ferry, which was temporarily suspended. The meeting outlined concrete steps and ways to implement the construction of this vessel by the Yantar plant. This ferry will not only be a convenient way to move, but also environmentally friendly, thanks to the use of electric propulsion. This is important for preserving the unique natural heritage of the region and attracting environmentally conscious tourists. The Mareqs Design team expresses its gratitude to the Government of the Kaliningrad Region for its support and assistance in the implementation of this important project. We are sure that the ferry on the electric boat pr. 19411 will be a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy the beauty of the Kaliningrad region.