According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the integral indicator of the level of assessment of the digital maturity of the shipbuilding industry is high — 56.7%. The ministry also cited statistics that indicate an increase in investments in the use of domestic software (ed.): in 2021, shipbuilding industry organizations spent 402.6 million rubles on the purchase and technical support of the life cycle of various classes, of which 262.8 million rubles (65%) were directed to domestic software, then as in 2020, this figure was 54%.

JSC "United Shipbuilding Company" (USC, — ed.) stressed that shipbuilding is one of the most high-tech and complex industries, and digitalization of business processes will allow to combine on a single digital basis the processes of determining requirements, design, pre-production, procurement of materials and equipment, ship construction, its sale, after-sales maintenance and disposal.

"The formation of a single digital space is one of the most important conditions for the digital transformation of the domestic shipbuilding industry, that is, its transition to the concept of "Industry 4.0" (mass introduction of cyber—physical systems, — ed.)," USC noted. The corporation stressed that digital transformation does not involve point-to-point digital transformations, but fundamental changes in management technology and the structure of activities. "The change in management technologies, in turn, implies organizational changes in the corporation's management systems and digitalization of management functions. In this regard, deep changes are becoming the main trend, involving the transformation of all processes of design bureaus and shipyards, including design, production, supply, logistics, repairs, product maintenance, the use of new equipment and software, as well as organizational transformation," USC explained.