1. You add information about your company, equipment or services

2. We translate your content into Russian / English in a short time

3. You receive proposals from potential customers from around the world

All rates include translation service

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Company description (q-ty of characters)60012001800
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Quantity of equipment and services for the company61218
Description of equipment/service (q-ty of characters)60012001800
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Placing of documents on the site for downloading in pdf, dxf, dwg, jpg, tiff formats (quantity of files / maximum amount of each in MB)2/55/10
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Quantity of categories for a tender3510
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Search on the site

When searching, you can use filtering by companies, equipment tenders or brands. The very search engine draws attention to the name, document content, categories in which it is located, and other information. Therefore it is recommended to use the maximum size of text descriptions with a thematic content.

addition of several companies

For the paid rates within one profile multiple companies can be added. This possibility may be needed by groups of companies that are known under one brand. Also, it is useful to those managers who promote unrelated companies. He will be able to add individual companies, each with its own set of products or services.

Allowable description size

Each of the rates is limited by the number of characters available for verbal description of a company, equipment or a tender. In the description, it is desirable to specify the relevant information: company description , activity types, market experience, characteristics of products and other things that do not contradict rules of posting information.

Feedback with a posted company

To communicate with the posted company we recommend provide the e-mail address. A form of feedback is based on e-mail and available on all pages with the description of a company, equipment or a tender. At that your mail will not be directly opened; this helps to avoid its getting into the list of spam. Additional fields for phones, fax and site are available only for paid rates.

addition of a company's logo

For the paid rates there is an option to place an image with the company's logo, which allows to increase the visual recognition in the lists of catalogs and when searching.

Addition of images for equipment

For the paid rates there is an option to add pictures of the product (diagrams, illustrations, etc.) to its description. Number of photos is limited depending on the chosen rate.

Placing documentation about equipment

For the paid rates there is an option to place documentation relating to the advertised equipment: drawings, technical descriptions, instructions in the following formats: .pdf, .dxf, .dwg, .jpg, .tiff. This option is limited by number and size of documents placed, depending on the chosen rate.

Available categories

Totally more than 600 categories and subcategories are available. For companies, equipment and tenders it is permitted to specify any number of categories with which they may be linked. But the amount is restricted by the rate; the more categories are available, the more frequently the visitors see the document and the more offers you receive.

Link to the equipment at the company's site

For the paid rates there is an option to specify a direct Internet link to the information about your equipment, materials or services; at that this link may be located on any other site, for example on your own site.

Classification societies

For the paid rates there is an option to specify classification societies, certificates of which were obtained for the advertised equipment, materials or services of your company.

Translation of separate documents

Translation of separate documentation into another language can only be performed under a separate contract. Subsequently, the finished document can be placed on the page of equipment, if necessary. Details on the translation order see here.

Creation of tenders

If you cannot find the right supplier of equipment or services, then you can create a tender for supplier search. At that all the companies that are able to help you will be informed and if they are interested in your offer, they can contact you.

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