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Our purpose is to help manufacturers, designers, shipyards and ship owners in search of manufacturers of ship equipment. The reason for the creation of this site is work experience in project offices and shipbuilding for more than 20 years.

Our long experience has shown that one of the key problems in the selection of ship equipment during production is a low awareness about the wide range of offerings on the market of products, as well as the language barrier.


As of today the Russian market is very promising for domestic and foreign producers. Fleet renewal program runs for domestic and unlimited navigation area.

State programs in the years 2013-2030 for the development of new and maintenance of existing oil and gas fields create an order for design and construction of a huge fleet of vessels and drilling platforms (more than 1500 units to 2030 year).

Activities we perform:

  • We translate your content into Russian/English and publish it
  • We distribute information about your company by means of site advertising
  • We carry out consultations for consumers dealed with ship equipment
We invite you to place information about your company, equipment and services at the Starting tariff. But also you can use a Free tariff to place information only about the company.

What companies do we work with?

Our service is focused on a wide range of companies and individuals that are interested in dissemination of information about the equipment, materials and services for the construction, maintenance, repair and modernization of various types of vessels, floating structures and drilling platforms. And also on the companies and individuals involved in the search for partners, customers and vendors in the industry of ship equipment.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us in any way convenient for you: e-mail message or feedback form.


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