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LanguagesThe cost of 1 standard page translation from foreign language *, euro.The cost of 1 standard page translation into foreign language *, euro.

* The total cost can vary, depending on the amount of translation and the urgency of the order.

The table of translation base cost gives the prices for 1 standard page, which is equal to 1800 characters including spaces and punctuation ("standard page"). The amount of translation is specified by the original text, in all cases where it is possible, in other cases – by the text of translation.

The basic tariff includes the cost of translation by translator and proofreading by literary editor. Depending on the complexity of the text and its purpose, the basic tariff can be increased.

Translation of less than 1 standard page will be charged as translation of one standard page.

The standard rate of translation is 8-10 pages per day (not counting the day of reception, date of issue and time for extra clearance).


Types of makeupPrice, euro.
Makeup in MS WORD (scanning, insertion of images, graphs, tables, text formatting) (1 page)1 - 4
Makeup in AUTOCAD (А1 sheet)от 4

Discount system **

Reason for discountDiscount size
Order for more than 50 standard pages3%
Order for more than 100 standard pages5%
Order for more than 200 standard pages10%

** Discounts do not apply for urgent orders

Extra charges

Reason for extra chargeExtra charge size
The increased urgency of the order50%
The increased complexity (an abundance of scientific terminology in the text, high requirements to style, specific topics)20-70%
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